Photo Diary: Portland #1 // Around PDX

20131126-111002.jpgOn September, I moved from Shanghai back to my homeland: Panama. On my way there, I decided to stop for a few weeks in Portland and visit my brother. This town is pretty lovable, and here are some of the things I saw there.


En septiembre me fuí de Shanghai para regresarme a vivir a mi hermoso Panamá. Asi que decidí que en el camino iría a visitar a mi hermano por un par de semanas en Portland. Amé la ciudad, así que aquí les pongo algunas de las cosas que ví allá.


One thing about Portland: coffee shops are everywhere, and sometime’s they have cool names like “Anna Banana”. Also, they sell delicious coffee, and deliciousness in general.20130930-134548.jpg



This is another place, can’t remember the name. Sorry.20130930-134734.jpg


Le brother. 20130930-134757.jpg

The whole town is pretty likeable. Loved walking around these streets.20130930-134628.jpg20131126-110855.jpg20131126-111116.jpg

Food carts are also everywhere, and they sell pretty much any type of food that you can imagine. 20130930-134641.jpg

Microbreweries are the shit. Here we are at one.20130930-134653.jpg



Like I said, deliciousness everywhere. This is Thai.20130930-134813.jpg





Dogs get the VIP treatment in this town.20130930-140222.jpg







Le BFF. 20130930-140525.jpg

I even went to see this creepy-yet mesmerizing- group of birds, which apparently comes down to Portland every year and weirdly fly around this random school, and make their nest.


All in all, I loved Portland. This is like the most hipstery place I’ve ever been to, so of course I ate it up! haha Lots of interesting characters around, endless choices for entertainment and dining, gorgeous scenery and atmosphere, I would not mind living there. My brother is one lucky SOB (not literally of course, I respect my mother). Anyway, I also saw a lot of homeless peeps, but locals seemed pretty friendly towards them, so I guess they’re not a huge problem. Everything seems to be organic or green over there, as well as overpriced; but I guess there’s a price to pay for hipstery bliss.

It was a nice trip, had an amazing time bonding with my sibling as well as with the bff that made the effort to come up for the weekend (she lives in FL ok? it’s a big deal). I still have some more pics to share, which I will include in another post. Hope you liked PDX as much as I did, I highly recommend it.

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