Latest Ink. I moved.


This is a pretty delayed post, this tattoo is already like 2 months old now, but I decided it was worth writing about. As it happens, this was my Shanghai farewell tattoo. Yes, I moved again. Back to Panama for good, and I couldn’t be happier.  That’s why just as when I was about to leave Taiwan, I decided to get one in the city that acted as home for the past year. So many things changed about myself that year, so many things I learned. As I got ready to leave Shanghai, and Asia in general behind me, this was the perfect ending to this amazing 3.5 year adventure!

The tattoo is of the cardinal points, representing the things that matter the most to me in my life, which in the end are the things that guide me through this existence. Those are the things that no matter how lost, scared or freaked out I felt, put me back in focus and gave me the strength and  clarity to keep going.  It also represents the things that I’ve decided to give priority in my life, which sometimes are hard to remember as the main goal. Sometimes, because of work, worries and responsibilities, you forget why and for whom you are working so hard. We sometimes get lost on the way, and forget the real reason why you’re doing all this, which defeats the purpose in the end.

This is my reminder, in case I get lost and forget.



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