Forever 21 opens in Shanghai!

Finally! The day has come when I have a Forever 21 in the city where I live! I haven’t been so lucky since I was in college back in Florida. The last time I felt so happy about a store opening, was when Zara finally opened in Taipei; but having a Forever 21 in Shanghai is the best thing that could have ever happened to a shopaholic/trend loving/under a tight budget/20 something girl! (Asides from winning the lottery, of course).

This got me very excited while exiting the Metro station haha

For someone with a very limited budget on a very expensive city like Shanghai, having a Forever 21 is the best alternative to stay trendy and not broke. Especially here in China, where all the foreign brands are so expensive, and then buying from local sellers proves to be very trying. Even though we have the amazing, all-carrying, incredibly cheap online mall Taobao; it is a very time consuming task trying to find what you’re looking for within their massive catalog of products.

You can easily see the store from Exit #7 of East Nanjing Road Station

Anyway, as soon as I heard the new Forever 21 in East Nanjing Road had opened, I scheduled a trip with my roommate Diana to go check it out asap, both hoping (and crossing our fingers) that the prices wouldn’t be too inflated (like Zara China) and that it would still be affordable, or at least a bit cheaper or at the price level of H&M. To our amazement and girly excitement, it was very affordable! At least in comparison with the local Zara and H&M prices (I won’t even get into the ridiculous GAP and American Eagle prices here) it was significantly better.

My roommate being herself :)
Happy shoppers!
The treasures <3

My excitement for these type of stores opening up here in China, grows mainly from the financial side of things (my finances to be more specific); but also from the fact that they offer more size options and its possible to try everything on in the store. This is not possible when buying from Chinese markets or online. I managed to be very sensible about my purchase, considering the four massive floors filled with amazing things, calling for me to take them home! But my favorite find was definitely a pair of black swede wedges (my favorite kind of heel), perfect for the coming winter days (winter is coming people, we must prepare!).

Hope you liked the post! xx

7 thoughts on “Forever 21 opens in Shanghai!

  1. Hi Arlendee, wanted to stop by and show you some love as well. I am so happy you have forever 21 in shanghai now, It’s beautiful there, I seriously don’t know what I would do without a store near me, I am seriously obsessed with it. lol
    I love your shoes too, great find:)



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