Instagram Recap #2 —–> Life Update

Hello everyone! Sorry for my absence, but as you can see from my Insta-recap below, a lot has been going on in my life lately. Main events: graduating from my MBA (yay!), turning 25 (let’s not discuss this, lol), and then trying to take in as much of Taipei as I possibly can as well as trying to spend as much time with all my friends who have been like my family for the past two years and a half. Besides that, I’ve also been busy trying to get all my stuff together because… I’m moving to Shanghai!!!

I am very excited for this new adventure, and even though is a little scary, I know that the odds WILL be in my favor! haha (hunger games much?) So please don’t think I have forgotten my lovely blog, I will be blogging much more about my new city, and as soon as I get one, my new job! haha I will be continuing my summer outfit series, and I’ll try my best to not go away for so long again!

It’s sort of sad to say goodbye to Taiwan, the place I’ve called home for the past couple of years, but I am definitely excited to try some place new and I know I will conquer Shanghai! xx

drinking iced tea from an urinal//yummy dinner//hello kitty is everywhere!//live frogs to eat
view of Taiwan coast//mini lamps//last girls night out (for now)//yummy panini
taipei at night//taipei at sunset//taipei101 building//best shaved ice ever

bday dinner//yummy lunch//my amazing bday card//bday dessert
fruits//bday lasagna//MBA diploma//management department at school
my final thesis copies//thesis cover//my cutiepie that I miss so much//Taiwan’s landmark <3

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