Summer Series #2

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

During summer here in Taipei, it is very popular (at least among foreigners) to attend the weekly pool parties in the city. Last summer, me and my friends were almost every weekend at one, and we absolutely loved them. You stay all day outside, with music, DJs, drinks and friends.. I mean, what’s not to love?

Anyway, since the pool party season is starting this weekend in Taipei,  for the second installment of my “Summer Series”, I wanted to share with you my dream “pool party” outfit.

First off, you can’t forget your swimsuit! even if you don’t actually like going “in” the pool, it’s a necessary item! I loved this one in coral with the cute ruffles, very girly and bright. Then of course, you can’t forget your shades! these ones from Karen Walker are amazing, and once I get a steady job I’m going for them! haha For the top, I wanted something light and flowy, and what better choice than this beautiful teal blouse with gold details? It goes perfect with these fringe shorts, which you can easily make yourself! Just get an old pair of jeans and cut away!

For accessories, I’ve been dying for months now to get some long feather earrings, and these are just perfect. Since we are expecting these pool party to be under a sunny sky, these bright beaded bracelets would definitely  look amazing under the sun. Lastly, the bag and sandals both on nude earthy tones for balancing the outfit a bit. Plus, you gotta love those fringed boho-looking bags! :)

Anyway, this would be my perfect option for a pool party, what would you wear?

Hope you liked! xx

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