DIY: Chain Necklaces

This is honestly the easiest DIY project you will ever encounter in your life. Really, the thing that will take up the most energy is actually finding some chains that you like, or a place that sells them. Here in Taipei, I went to a place in DIY district (close to Taipei Main Station), but sadly, I didn’t grab a business card to remember the address or the name of the place! I will next time though, promise. Next thing you need, is some type of yarn or thread that you like, if not another type of chain that goes with the main one for the necklace. I just chose some black yarn that looked strong and of nice quality (sort of rope-like).

All you do, is decide what length you want for your necklace, and then measure the chain and thread accordingly. I wanted mine to be mostly short, but ended up making different lengths and styles.

I’ve been seeing these chain necklaces all around the blogosphere, tumblr, and Youtube; so I was dying to get one, but I figured I would get much more for my money if I made them myself! and I was right: I made 6 necklaces and about 9 bracelets for myself and I still have extra materials; all for the cost of what maybe one or two necklaces would’ve cost me. I’m thinking of making some and selling them! you know, a girl’s gotta work! :)

These are the ones I made for me:

If you know how to braid, then I have another alternative that’s also really easy and looks amazing. The braided bracelets below,  I made following this tutorial from one of my favorite blogs Honestly… WTF. They have the most amazing DIY projects ever, and I am personally trying out next this one, and this one, and this one. I just need to go buy some beads :)

These are a couple others I made:

Hope you liked!! xx

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