Movie Style: Like Crazy

Last week I saw an incredibly romantic, dramatic, and sort-of tragic movie called “Like Crazy”, and guess what? I loved it, very very much. I have a very peculiar movie taste, that nobody else seems to agree with (at least among my friends), so I wouldn’t recommend taking opinions from me about movies! haha

Anyway, the movie is starring the incredibly awesome Felicity Jones along side Anton Yelchin. According to IMDB, the movie is about a British college student (Felicity Jones) who falls for an American student (Anton Yelchin), only to be separated from him when she’s banned from the U.S. after overstaying her visa. So yes, pretty intense situation, and the whole time I was watching the movie I kept thinking of friends who are or have been in long distance relationships; and wondering if that’s how it is for them too; emotionally I mean, ’cause none of them have been banned from the US! haha

In summary, it’s not a lovey dovey happy romantic movie, is more of a drama, so have that in mind if considering watching le movie. Anyway, the point of this post was not doing a movie review, I wanted to talk about Felicity’s awesome style on the movie! Her character’s name is Anna, and she is always looking cute, and sort of trendy but very with a very laid back feeling to her style.  The outfits were very simple and comfortable, but still very feminine and girly.

Because I loved her style so much, I decided to share with you my favorite outfits from the movie and show you some alternatives I found, so that maybe we can all create a variation of her outfits for ourselves!

1. House of Fraser 2. Nasty Gal 3. Paul Smith 4. French Connection

Her first outfit on the movie caught my eye right away. I love these flowy, A-line skirts for the spring and summer, but they can even be worn on the colder months with some tights. During the upcoming warmer months, these type of skirts on bright colors or with floral patterns would be the perfect item to have on your wardrobe.

So many flowy skirts! <3 You see how easy they are to pair up, which makes it a great item to invest in, since they give so much room for mix & matching.

1. Les Prairies des Paris 2. Wildfox 3. Wildfox 4. Topshop

However you want to call them, sweaters or jumpers, they are a great thing to have; they are so very comfortable, and if you choose the right one, you’ll look just as cute as Felicity. I love how she paired it with a simple pair of black jeans, and just with the right accessories made it look girly and not like you’re having a “nothing fits me” day.

1. Butter London

I swear this is not a spoiler! haha I loved this outfit, she looked like the cutest bride, very fresh and light. Everything from the baby blue mermaid nails to the simple hairdo, screams young and fun.

1. Crumpet 2. J Brand

And last but not least, her final outfit was my favorite. I have always had a thing for white & blue striped tops, it’s like I was born to  be an old-school sailor, haha. Kidding aside, as I’ve mentioned before, the nautical look is one that never seems to be out of style. The top is very classic and elegant, and it looks amazing paired with these high waisted pants.

I found it very interesting that Felicity had a lot to do with the styling for the movie. Even though they did have a costume designer (Mairi Chisholm), because of the tight budget they were on, Felicity chipped in by using a lot of her own clothes! some even from Zara and Asos. Pretty cool huh? kudos to her!

Anyway, I hope you liked it!! xx

11 thoughts on “Movie Style: Like Crazy

  1. thank you for this post! I really love her style and I’ve been searching for the design for her style and I’ve found your blog. Thanks so much :)


  2. i love this movie soo much as well as everything she wears do you happen to know what army kinda jacket she always wears i love that as well as her long necklace she is always wearing it looks like a locket or pendant kinda thing… would be awesome if you could help me out


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