Le Makeup: my first BB cream


So I have been hearing about BB creams for a while now: first from one my best friends who loves them (yes, she is Asian), then since moving to Taiwan I keep seeing them on all the makeup aisles at the drugstores, and then from all the YouTube beauty gurus who keep raving about them (and yes, they are mostly Asian, but not all of them).

I understood why they all loved these BB creams, they are supposed to be the perfect mix of skin care and makeup, but I never tried them before. Why? well, mainly because I had only heard either Asian or white girls talking about them. Now, you might say:  “And why is this a problem? Are you a racist?” No, I am not. This was a problem because most of these BB creams (at least Asian brands) only come in one tone, claiming that “one fits all”, and I have never believed in that premise.

The idea of these BB creams kept hunting me: one product that heals blemishes, moisturizes and protects your skin from sun damage, as well as doing the work of a foundation. It was too perfect, I needed to try it.  So one day I decided to go to my closest Watson’s and try all the BB creams I could, in the search of one that wouldn’t leave me looking like Kirsten Dunst on “Marie Antoinette”

So, after maybe an hour of trying out different brands and tones (some brands have up to three tones now), I finally found one that could fit both my skin and my budget! The “chosen one” was the “Total Hydration BB Cream UV” by Za Cosmetics.

I never use foundation, I have never even owned one. I’ve always been a compact powder kind-of-girl (translucent ones for many years), but I loved this product. It’s supposed to be all these things: a SPF43 PA + + + UV protection sunscreen, a makeup primer, a light translucent but build-able foundation, and an oil-control moisturizer. I mean, what else could you ask for?

The reason why I love it is, that now I don’t need to wear anything else during the day. Before I would put on my moisturizer with SPF to go to school, and it would leave me looking dewey and shiny, and I am not a fan of that look. Because of that, I would have to put on some powder to “mattify” my face, but then I wouldn’t like how it looked by itself, so then I would have to put on some blush, and then some mascara to finish up, etc. etc. etc. And for school, I like a more natural look. Now with this as my moisturizer, and sunblock, and everything else that it is, I don’t need to put on other products. I’m free! haha

So if you are like me, having a hard time looking for products for darker skin tones here in Asia, or if you are looking for an affordable, translucent BB cream, I would absolutely recommend this one. Not only because I think it is great, but also because it is only around 8USD, so if you end up not liking it, it wouldn’t hurt that much.

One thought on “Le Makeup: my first BB cream

  1. Hi, is the ZA bb cream really translucent n sheer? Is also for Asian tanned skins? Cos I’m tanned for a Chinese (approx Mac NC35) and most bb creams tend to look very pale on me. They also give medium or full coverage which I dislike.


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