Travel Finds: South Vietnam

As I mentioned on the last post, this past January I went to South Vietnam for my winter break form school, and while there I managed to do some small shopping, since I am a girl on a tight budget.

During the last few days of my trip, me and my friends went to the Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), which is this huge place packed with small vendors. The place is filled with all kind of beautiful souvenirs, handcrafts, and food.

I decided to spend my last few dollars from the trip in accessories. I loved the jewelry sold in there but I fell in love with two amazing statement necklaces. The first one is the one on the picture above, and this is the the other one:

Aren’t they gorgeous? this one is more on the golden side of the color scale, while the first one is a more copper-y tone. They weren’t that cheap, I payed around 15USD for each one, but I thought they were so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.

Statement necklaces, especially in gold tones, are all the rage lately; you can rock it with some button-down shirts or use it to spice up some basic T-shirt or jumper and make it look more stylish. Tamara here from Indonesia, has the statement necklace trend down!


To see more styles from Tamara, head to her profile here.

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