New Buy: Boyfriend Watch

New Buy: Boyfriend Watch

I have been on the search for the perfect (and affordable) gold boyfriend watch for almost a year now and I have finally found it!

For some reason, these type of watches keep getting slaughtered with an array of wannabe Swarovski crystals, and I just hate anything that has those in excess, or at all for that matter.

Here in Taiwan they seem pretty obsessed with these crystals since they seem to put it on everything they can! From tshirts, to sandals, heels, earrings, etc.

I have lost count on how many times I’ve come across an item that I think would be perfect and worth paying for, if it wasn’t for all the horrible crystals pasted on it.

But anyway, enough ranting! I’m glad I finally found the perfect one.

It’s the Fossil “Flight Plated Stainless Steel Watch – Gold-Tone”.

Click-through the image for the link to the Fossil online store (only for US I think).

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