Inside My Bag: April ♥

1. The worst umbrella in the world
2. My loyal Fossil wallet
3. Nina Ricci’s glasses and Vera Bradley case
4. Bath & Body Works Hand Gel
5. iPod shuffle & Audio Technica earphones
6. Eclipse breath mints tin
7.  Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm (best one ever)
8. Nexcare face oil control films
9. Za lipstick on #OR2
10. Hair banana!
11. My beloved iPhone <3
12. Tissues
13. The cutest elephant coin purse!
14. Taipei MRT card
15. Keys

So this is a really popular type of post, and I thought it would be fun to see maybe how the contents of my purse change over time. Right now, we still don’t have regular sunlight, so no shades in my purse yet, but hopefully they’ll be stationed inside my purse by next month :)

The cute elephant coin purse (#13), I love it so much, and has a kind of funny story behind it. At the beginning of this year, I went on holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia, and bought one just like this one in Siem Reap (Cambodia). It was the same purse as in the picture, only in granny apple green with the elephant on turquoise, I think. We had to return to Vietnam from Cambodia on bus, and I remember having the purse when I got off the bus in Ho Chi Minh, but for some reason when I got to the beach, the purse was nowhere to be seen! I was so sad, ’cause even though it only cost me 1USD, I really loved it! I had only bought one, and it wasn’t like I could go back to Cambodia and get another one. So then I remembered it said “Made in Thailand”, and some of my friends were going to Thailand later in the month, so I asked one if he could try to find one for me, and he had some from a previous trip to Thailand to give away as gifts, and never did! what are the chances?? Anyway, he had a bunch and let me choose one :) I was really happy to get my coin purse back. <3

Hope you liked the post and the story, haha xx

Travel Finds: Cambodia


Every time I travel to some new country, I try to bring something back with me that’s both unique and representative of the place I visited but not too souvenir-y, if you know what I mean. I usually go for some type of accessory, like earrings, necklaces or rings.

This past January I went for a two weeks trip to South Vietnam and decided to make a short trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia because we wanted to see the Angkor Wat Ruins (where the Tomb Raider movies were filmed). We stayed in Cambodia for literally only 23 hours, but it was totally worth it, the place was breathtaking and its one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.

Anyway, before getting there I did some online research on what were the “must-buys” from Cambodia, and I found that Cambodia is famous for its silver markets and silk products. So that is exactly what I bought: silver and silk. Since I am a humble student, my budget wasn’t very big, so I could only afford buying a couple of things.

My favorite buys are these beautiful bracelets, that look great together or for stacking with other bracelets. Both these bracelets seemed very unique to me and I paid 20 USD for both of them, which is not super cheap, but not too bad either; especially considering that the starting price was 20 USD each.



Besides that, I decided that I wanted to buy a silk scarf or throw for my mom, which I did, but I forgot to take pictures of it before send it to her (she’s in Panama). The one I bought for her was very colorful with a kind of tribal design, and hers was 100% silk (supposedly haha).

The starting price was like 30 USD but after some bargaining, the lady gave it to me for 15 USD. That’s the great thing about Cambodia and Vietnam, everything can be negotiated. The scarf looked something like this, but way more colorful and a much better design. I actually hate the one in the picture but just so you guys have some idea:


For me, I decided to get something cheaper, so I decided to go for a 20-30% silk scarf (I don’t remember the percentage exactly). Starting price was 15 USD but she gave it to me for 8 USD (after some begging of course). I found that it works acting as if you are done and leaving the store, they will go after you and give you a better price, so get your acting skills ready. But, if you ever do go there, please try not to be too stingy, they do need some profit and theirs is a very very poor country and you are a tourist, which means you already are in much better economic state that them, so keep that in mind. For the cheaper kind, there was a much bigger assortment of colors and I went for this bright purple one:

Last, when we were at the ruins, a bunch of kids started approaching us, selling us all kinds of stuff, speaking to us in ANY language they thought we might speak, it was amazing and a little overwhelming; but at the same time its heartbreaking to see them barefoot, selling you souvenirs for as cheap as a dollar, and its almost impossible to refuse them. So I ended up buying these bracelets made out of some sort of straw, which have a very tribal-y feel to them. I loved them and they were only one dollar, but now they are too big for my wrists, so I may give it away as a gift.

That is pretty much everything I got from Cambodia, aside from the staple souvenir tshirts that are like an uniform for young travelers around SE asia haha I wont show those in here. Anyway, I really hope you liked this post!

If you have any questions about my short experience in Cambodia or traveling around SE Asia, or if you have been there before, please share in the comments :) love to hear from you! – besos!