Obsessing Over: Confetti Nails

Tell me these aren’t the most amazing nails ever! haha maybe not so much but I am defintely obessing over them. I felt like a 90’s Barbie walking around Shanghai with these on, the only thing missing being the plastic pink heels ;) Anyway, they are super easy to replicate,  just get some Barbie pink nail polish and some sparkly one to put over the pink. I used the PK202 from Skin Food (awesome Korean beauty brand) and Polka.com from OPI (weird name for a nail polish I must say). The cool thing is that whenever I wear sparkly nail polish, they last double the time! I had this for almost 2 weeks, without any chips. Hope you liked them! xx

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Obsessed: bloody red!

Hey there! Well, as you may know by now, I am a big fan of nail polish and this bloody red by OPI has been my favorite for at least 5 months now. It’s a very bright and intense tone of red and I feel like it can be worn all year round! Even now with the coming of summer, everyone is all about pastel tones, I feel like this bright red would look amazing still. Also I love the name! “Off with her red!” haha

This color is from the Alice in Wonderland collection from last year, and you can still find it here.

Hope you liked! :) xx