Ces’t Moi: Silver Nights

Top: Forever 21
Body-con skirt: Zara TRF
Bag: Coach Poppy
Shoes: Shida Night Market
Watch: Movado
Assorted bracelets: Forever 21, Accessorize & Vietnam
Silver Ring: borrowed from a friend

So… I like to party. It’s no secret. But this semester has been so crazy (since I’m so close to graduating! yay!), that I don’t even remember when was the last time I went to a club (sadness).  Even though I only have one class, all my time goes into my thesis, that I MUST finish before this month ends —> INTENSE.

BUT, I felt like posting an outfit this week, and here it is! This is by far my favorite skirt in the whole wide world, and I just love how it goes with pretty much everything. This would be the perfect outfit to go out dancing with your friends, and this is what I’ll wear next time I go out! Maybe to celebrate finishing the thesis? (I do hope that’s not the case, I need to go out before that! haha)

Hope you like! ;) xx

Costco sube de nivel?

chanel louis layout

Cuando pienso en el día en que por fin me compre mi Chanel 2.55, CREANME que no me imagino comprándola en Costco.

Pero al parecer esta semana Costco en New York empezó a ofrecer designer bags de la talla de Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, y de la no tan fabulous Coach. Sí ese Costco donde venden todo en grandes cantidades, como: detergente, arroz, cereal, etc. Increible pero cierto.

No ofrecen una gran variedad, pero tenian la Speedy de Louis (sold out), y la Chanel Flap Bag. Al parecer, el precio era alrededor de $100 menos que el precio normal en la Speedy, solo por ese pequeño descuento, iría a comprarla ahí. :)