Ces’t Moi: Feeling Nautical

Top: Forever 21
Shoes: ALDO
Bag: Miryoku
Necklace: H&M

This top is one of my favorites of all time, I’ve had it for years now and I never get tired of it. White and blue stripes are never out of style, and it’s always beautiful when mixed with gold accessories. This was my first time wearing my lovely new wedges, and I can’t get enough of them! This nail polish is also one of my favorites, a beautiful teal tone from taiwanese brand T-Sing. Hope you like! xx

A couple of new things.

Last weekend, I went to the Zhongxiao Dunhua shopping area here in Taipei, originally to go buy a pair of TOM’S. There is only one official retailer here in Taiwan and it’s around that area. Before arriving at the place that sold the TOM’S we stopped by the ALDO store and, as I expected, something caught my attention.

Before telling you what it was that caught my eye, I must explain that going into that store is torture for me every time. This is mainly because I always love everything I see there, but it is so much more expensive here in Taipei than in other countries, and that puts it completely out of my budget. But when I saw these wedges I fell in love! I’ve been looking for a pair of wedges that could go with everything for months now. I love high heels, but my feet don’t; they can’t take them for too long. That is not the case for wedges,  and these ones in particular are the best thing ever, they look amazing and are incredibly comfortable. They are exactly what I was looking for. So I ended up spending much more money than I had planned, but I feel like it was worth it; they will be perfect for spring and summer :)

After leaving ALDO, and saying goodbye to my friends, I went to the metro station to go back home (I live around 45 mins from downtown Taipei). On the station they had a couple of shops, and I ran into a really cute store that had this lovely wrap watch below. I have been wanting one like this for a while and since it was fairly cheap (around 15USD) I decided to get it. I absolutely love it!

And then, on that same store they had OPI nail polishes for regular US retail price (around 7USD), so I couldn’t resist getting these two colors. I’ve been wanting to buy the “Fly” from the Nicki Minaj collection for a while, but had been hesitating because of the price (it was around 12USD at the OPI store), so when I saw it at this amazing price, I didn’t think it twice and went for it. The other color is “Dulce de Leche” and just by the name you can tell it’s amazing, but it’s also the perfect nude color which is always in, looks good with anything and can be worn on any type of occasion.

I am officially broke after that visit to ALDO, but I do not regret it. The only thing left to do, is keep making wishlists for when the money fairies decide to pay me a visit! :) Hope you like! xx

Ces’t Moi: earthy sunday.

Jacket: NET
Tshirt: Forever 21
Necklace: Accessorize
Jeans: Zara TRF
Shoes: ALDO
Watch: Fossil CH2791
Bracelets: got them in Cambodia
Handbag: Longchamp
Nails: The Skin Food

This is what I wore this Sunday for a very chill day, I thought it was going to be a cool spring day, which was the reason for wearing the light jacket. But crazy Taiwan weather decided to be super humid and warm that day, so the jacket ended up spending the day inside my handbag. It was a very chill day: church, lunch and then a little shopping!

I thought this outfit felt very earthy, because of the tones on all the pieces: greens, browns, and blues (it represents water, which I still consider earthy haha) Please ignore the incredibly dirty shoes, they have been very active lately. I do promise to clean them. Please comment and let me know what you think :)