Music Monday ♥

Happy Monday! :) Music Mondays are back with a new format! I felt like the YouTube videos were a little too overwhelming on the eyes, so I thought this widget would be an improvement.

The choices for this week are a kind of weird mixture, with some mellow tunes and some Aoki too, so there should be something for every taste. Also, some Spanish choices, that even if you don’t understand, I’m sure you can enjoy the nice melodies. These have all been on constant repeat for weeks now. 

Hope you like them! xx

Music Monday ♥

Hello everyone! Time to start a whole new week, and what could be better than starting it with music! yay! haha I’m a little too excited today. My apologies.

I’ve been feeling very electro lately, so that’s all you’re  going to get today. So here are this week’s choices:

1. Felix Cartal – Don’t Turn On The Lights (Laidback Luke Remix)

2. Robyn – Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan & Ned Shepard remix)

3. Ferry Corsten – Check It Out

4. Morgan Page / Sultan & Ned Shepard / BT / Angela McCluskey – In The Air (Hardwell Remix) 

5. Kaskade / Mindy Gledhill – Eyes


Hope you like!! xx

Music Monday ♥

This day shall go on history as “the day I posted my first Music Monday post” , haha. I will try to post every Monday, the five songs that have me the most obsessed on that week.

I am a big music junkie, I must. listen. to it. every-freakin’-day.  Some of my friends have even called me a “human jukebox”, “cause to them I seem to know lyrics from random songs from so many different genres, that they think I’m a freak. But I’m not a music “snob”, I tend to be very mainstream, to the point that I think I should be like a pop music forecaster (such a position should exist) on a big music label or something; because everytime I feel like a hipster, listening to some artist or band that no one knows yet, fast forward 5 to 6 months later, it’s an effin hit on the radio, I’m not even lying! haha

Anyway, I hope you do like my choices, but be warned: it will be very common to see music in Spanish here, so don’t be shocked,and give it a try! :)

Here are this week’s choices:

1. Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Hardwell remix)

2. Drake ft. Rihanna – Take Care

3. Reik – Creo En Ti

4. The Wanted – Glad You Came (Alex Gaudino remix)

5. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know (Hyper Crush remix)


Hope you like!! xx