Shanghai so far…

View from the Shanghai World Financial Center, 400m up!

I know I haven’t posted in quite a while, but moving to a new city is no easy task! Shanghai so far has been amazing! I love how active and vibrant the city is, and there seems to be something to do and see at every corner. As well as everything else, of course the city has its downfalls, for example: air pollution and how horrible it feels when you first get here; the incredibly rude people on the metro; or having people farting and burping in your face! haha but I guess it is all part of the China experience, so no complaints allowed! Apart from that, I’ve been lucky enough to have found a couple of amazing people here, who have helped enormously with my adapting process.

I’m still not completely used to the hectic rhythm of this new life, but I can’t to explore more and discover all the things and experiences Shanghai has to offer!

If you want to see some pictures I’ve taken around Shanghai, follow the link!

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Tavi Gevinson: all grown up.

This is Tavi Gevinson, the young blogger who became famous a couple of years ago, for having this amazing style blog where she showcased her very eclectic, borderline eccentric and original style (especially for a 12 year-old). She was the talk of the town, for being recognized by big time fashion peeps, being invited to fabulous runway shows in New York Fashion Week, and even more incredibly been sitted next to the amazing Anna Wintour.

She is definitely not a 12 year-old anymore, and looks so much different from what I remembered:


I’ve been reading her blog since those days, but had stopped for a while when I started my master, ’cause you know, grad school is tough. But as I came back to the blogosphere     recently, I have been reuniting with my favorite blogs from the past. Hers being one of them, I found today that she posted about an interview for StyleLikeU and I couldn’t believe my eyes. She has grown up so much, and actually listening to her was sort of weird. I didn’t imagine her having that voice. It felt like when you read a book, and your imagination creates all these voices and attitudes about a character,  and then you see the movie and you’re like, “that’s not how I imagined it!”

But anyway, she is still as creative as always, which has always been what I liked most about her, as well as her badass attitude. Now, aside from her blog, she is the editor in chief of her own magazine, while still attending school. Impressive lady, I must say.

Here are some pics from her room and current style, which is a little more mature from years past, but still very Tavi.


Her room is so colorful and detailed, perfect teenage haven. Loved her rings and her new haircolor. And of course, my favorite, the visual diary/journal/books she keeps.

Here is the full interview from StyleLikeU,

Photos:  StyleLikeU